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The High-Roller Lifestyle – Is Playing Online The Same As Going To A Casino

Being a professional gambler isn’t at all that easy, and especially living the lifestyle that comes along with it. When it comes to gambling, it’s all about luck and your skills have a very small effect on the outcome. When you’re playing against other players, you can see if they have good or bad cards, but not exactly which they are. Your intuition can only tell you if they’re satisfied with their cards or not, and you can skillfully hide any facial expression so your opponents won’t see if you’re happy to have been dealt a pair of aces in a game of poker.

When it comes to the lifestyle, it depends on how good you’ve been doing since you started your professional gambling career. Dressing nicely or having expensive watches doesn’t mean that you’re super-successful nor does it mean that you don’t have millions to spend if you appear in a pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt. It’s more about what people expect you to wear, drive, and do that makes the biggest difference. That’s of course when you decide to go to a casino and you know people will see you and you need to make an appearance, but what about online gambling? Does it mean you don’t have to take care of your look or live the gambler-lifestyle if you only play online? I think that every single career requires a certain level of style and that it makes you look like a successful professional.

I’ve come across numerous pictures and quotes online that show the wealthiest people on the planet wearing the same outfit every day, like Steve Jobs, but I think those are cases where people have reached the highest level of business success in life and they’re famous for a lot of things they’ve done. The rest of us – we need to look and feel successful to be successful!

The Old-Fashioned Way

Going to a casino has its charms, especially going to a high-end casino as you can see in Las Vegas or London. I’ve personally visited the Hippodrome Casino in London quite a few times over the years and I can say that I had my fair share of luck a couple of times. I was still single at the time so I went all out with the high-roller lifestyle! I got off to a big win pretty soon in the evening so I had a lot of time to enjoy my winnings!

When I won, I went to the casino actually before a night out, at least that’s what I thought it would be. When I hit the jackpot on one of the slot machines, I was so excited that I didn’t even think about leaving. The casino has everything to offer. Great food and drinks, very entertaining shows, and an infinite number of unbelievably sexy girls. I actually recognized one girl and she ended up being one of the girls featured in a lot of London escort reviews! I approached her after some time and she openly told me that spending time with her costs money. I didn’t mind because I already pocketed a couple of grand just an hour before! Having such an extremely sexy and gorgeous blonde by my side made me feel like a pro gambler! After that night, I was even left with enough money to buy my dream BMW!

Online Gambling Isn’t As Exciting

After my big break at one of the biggest casinos in London, I couldn’t help but ask myself, “what if I started playing regularly?” I knew I didn’t want to gamble huge amounts so I decided to register to a few online gambling platforms and try my luck. At the time, as soon as you registered, you got a welcome bonus and I thought it was a great deal at the time. Little by little, I emptied every account I had. I continued playing only on one platform but with no luck.

After almost a month of playing regularly, I did win a small amount of money, and it was little more than what I initially invested. Even though it was a few thousand quid, I didn’t feel the rush I felt like when I was physically at the casino. I was excited but what made the experience amazing was that I had someone to share my excitement with! When I won and realized I was completely alone, I knew that online gambling wasn’t for me.

Visiting A Casino Only A Few Times Per Year

I’ve tried both – playing online and going to a casino and the experience is completely different. After trying online gambling, I realized that I can feel the excitement only if I’m personally present at the casino. The high-roller lifestyle where you have nice cars, a hot girl by your side, and dressed nicely isn’t something you can recreate anywhere else.

Because I get easily addicted to vice, and God knows gambling is one of the easiest things to get addicted to, I decided to visit a casino only two to three times per year. I always set aside a certain amount of money which I use for my trip. I intentionally leave my credit cards at home so I wouldn’t get an idea of withdrawing more money in case I lose it all. The first few times I went to a casino, I had very high expectations and I thought I couldn’t lose, but I was wrong. I didn’t last a couple of hours before I was left without any money and my trip was cut short because of it. Every other time, I knew I had to spend rationally and I got to enjoy my time. I even won a couple of times when I learned to look at my trips to a casino purely as entertainment instead of a possibility to win a huge amount of money. Once I started thinking like that, I had much more fun and accepted the fact that sometimes I’ll win and sometimes I’ll lose, but for that one day, I feel like the king of the world!

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